Google gesture-controlled driving patent will make you go, “Look ma, no hands!”

There’s switching to auto-pilot on incredibly vacant freeways that do not have too many turns and then there’s a dashboard that understands your gestures and moves a mega-machine to obedience with every flick of your finger. It has come to pass that Google has applied for a gesture-based automotive control patent. This will automate some interesting things within the car as well, including fan speed, temperature, radio volume, windshield wipers, driver’s seat and window position. The patent application goes on to detail how one three-dimensional depth camera in the ceiling of the vehicle paired with a laser scanner can record drivers who execute these motion controls. Gestures can be conveyed to the system by swiping in a designated region. Speaker volumes can be dropped by simply tapping your speakers and raising your fingers to your ear would turn off the audio system completely. (I wonder if a bad ear itch would result in everyone in the car missing their favorite drum roll.)

Google have only recently announced that it acquired the motion control start-up Flutter. Flutter CEO Navneet Dalal says that his team shares “Google’s passion for 10x thinking” and that “we’re excited to add their rocket fuel to our journey.” Quite, quite darn fascinating, no?

[Via – Techradar]