Google brings siri-styled conversational voice assistance to search for Android

Google Now is undoubtedly much faster than Siri when it comes to returning search results but it badly lacks in finesse. Right on schedule, Google rolled out updates for its Search app for Android on Wednesday evening which powers the Google Now. In addition to new features which include update cards for websites you follow, a news topic card and recommendations for currently playing movies and televisions shows, the update has brought a more noticeable change to Google Now. It has become more interactive and for the first time will ask users for clarification when their queries are too vague.

ArsTechnica was the first to notice the change and reported that Google’s personal assistant is now more like Siri. It now renders open-ended commands like ‘send a text message’ by asking the name of the recipient. When Google has all the info it needs, it will confirm if you’re ready to send the message. The update might be subtle but it feels a lot more mechanical than before. The Google Now update right now is only available for Android, but we expect it to make it to iOS pretty soon.

[Via – Gigaom]