Google Chrome could be most secure OS ever, look out Microsoft

The Google Chrome OS has been a long time coming and sadly the wait isn’t quite over just yet. Yesterday the Search Giant showed off a few of the features that the upcoming cloud OS will be coming with. Some of this we know already and some we presumed to be so. First off the OS is going to have a zippy start up so booting your device is not going to be a time consuming process. The experience you’ll have with Chrome will be universal across devices. Verizon is offering a no contract, no activation fee option for Chrome OS devices with seamless updates. The Chrome OS, they’re saying is very focused on security and could very well be the most secure operating system there is. It works well with enterprise services and partners with Citrix. They’re even saying that PCs that are would use the OS would actually get faster over time instead of the other way around. Wow!

So far the guys who will be dishing out Chrome OS devices initially include companies like Acer, Samsung and Intel. The bad news is none of them have anything to show us yet. They’re all expected in 2011 but most likely in the second quarter. For those interested in testing the OS in its pre-launch stages you can get a ‘CR-48’ netbook equipped with a 12.1-inch display and is 3G ready. Other features would include Wi-Fi plenty of battery power and no hard drives, not that Chrome needs it. You’ll need to go through a few formalities though, beginning with filling up the application form from – Microsoft must be sweating bullets right now don’t you think?