Google now wants to be ISP provider and rule the internet

Google’s aim, it appers, is to control not just the search market but the mobile phones industry, mobile phone OS industry, netbook OS’ and more. They’ve also recently delved into the social networking bit with their ‘Google Buz’z set up, so basically the internet is covered as whole from all angles. And I mean totally, as the latest news is that former Search Giant, now the Internet Ruler, is also planning on entering the ISP line. I guess that was all that was left. Google is experimenting with high-speed fiber networks that have already been run but not tested yet apparently. They’re talking about speeds of up to one gigabit-per-second, Holy download heaven Bat-Man! So far they haven’t yet mentioned which areas will fist see this super service, I just know it won’t be where I am though? But Google, in their infinite generosity, is having a poll of sorts where you can vote for your community. This poll will continue up to March 26th 2010. Go here for more information.