Google phone to ship by year end says HTC

google-phone.jpgHigh Tech Computer (HTC) the company manufacturing Google handsets will officially commence shipments by end of 2007 report handset component makers in Taiwan. The makers also said the shipment volume will reach as high as one million units. Google handsets will be available in global markets by start of 2008 and will support Texas Instruments’ (TI) 3G platform and EDGE, however the handset will lack GPS functionality. The phone will feature Gmail and Google search. HTC is the OEM manufacturer for O2, i-Mate, Qtek etc however the company only makes Windows smartphones and it is very unlikely for Google to market a Windows powered phone.

Analysts expect Google to partner with European mobile operator Orange for the launch of the handset, sadly the phone wont be available in the US soon. Handset component makers indicated that Google handsets will adopt dual brand (Google and the telecom service provider) but will not have an HTC logo on it.