Gurefuru Chuchu portable fruit juice maker churns the insides of the citrus family

Now, churn the insides of your favorite citrus fruit quickly and easily with this portable fruit-juice maker hailing from Japan. Called the Gurefuru Chuchu, all you need to do is stick this one into a fruit, and turn the handle around for about a minute, as it churns and whips the insides of oranges or just about any of its citrus buddies. Pull Mr. Gurefuru back out, slip a straw in the fruit’s opening, and sip on the deliciously fresh fruit juice, straight from the fruit itself! The process seems pretty painful and almost matches up to the fruit-gore you’d spot in an Annoying Orange episode. The Japanese however seem to prefer fresh fruit juices to those available off supermarket shelves, and we couldn’t agree more!
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