Hiriko Fold electric car folds up; fits into tight parking spots with ease

Urban driving has its fair share of baggage including kamikaze cabbies and parking woes. And given the fact that there are more cars on streets these days without seizing to decrease, finding a suitably safe space to park your thousand dollar investment without having it towed away isn’t really a breeze. Keeping that in mind, researchers from MIT’s Changing Places group have joined hands with the Spanish Basque region’s development agency DENOKINN to develop a parking-friendly mode of transport, christened the Hiriko Fold. In essence an eco-friendly ride that folds to fit into the smallest parking spaces, the Hiriko Fold powers up with electricity and is capable of going a good 75 miles on a full belly. Expected to show up in 2013 with a $12,400 price tag, this compact car seats two and could be the best solution to get around town in the near and seemingly bleak future!