HP’s TouchPad can be expected by July 12th

01.pngHP’s tablet venture, the TouchPad is something we’ve seldom spoken about, simply because it is so rarely spoken off. What is does have is the entire ability to bring the best out of the webOS 3.0 operating system experience. This will be the first time a tablet runs this operating system, so the mirth in its arrival is plainly evident. Till now, it’s only been used in Palm and HP phones. The HP TouchPad will be perfect for those who want capability, portability and performance, all, in one tablet. The 1.2GHz dual-core processor is evident of some serious speed parameters being fulfilled.

The TouchPad seems to be a tablet more for the heart rather than the head. It’s all about the experience of webOS on a 9.7-inch display that can be savored without compromise that phones had.