iBike Powerhouse, a fitness trainer for your bicycle’s handlebars!

Bicycles are indeed the best way to get around, given that these pedal-powered contraptions help you burn fat, transport you to your destination and are environment-friendly too! Also, if you’re looking for a great way to keep tabs on your health as you pedal to glory, the iBike Powerhouse is the perfect clip-on for your bicycle. Unveiled at CES, the handlebar-mounted bicycle computer syncs with an iPhone or an iPod touch and sports a water and shock resistant casing. With custom workouts including the Brazilian Butt (designed to give you the perfect bottom), the Weekend Warrior, ExpressFit, Heart Healthy and the likes, the iBike Powerhouse keeps you updated with health reports, plays your favorite music and enables you to make calls while you cycle and is priced at $269.