Inside the Game boy Micro

Nikkei Electronics Japan invited two experts for an inside look into the popular console from Nintendo. The game console measures 50.0 x 101.0 x 17.2 mm and weighs about 80 g, an almost 50% cut in both volume and weight compared to the previous product. When we removed the Phillips screws on a side of the case body, a Li-ion secondary battery pack showed. Nintendo seems to have used standard Phillips screws only here, so users can easily replace the battery pack. When the outer case and components around the cartridge slot were removed, seen immediately was the back of the main board. The main board consists of two pieces, which are connected with a flexible substrate. If only a single unit main board is used, a solder joint connecting an LSI and the board could be torn off due to a simultaneous twist from both ends of the main board as the user plays with both his hands. The Gameboy Micro retails for ¥12,000 (Approx $ 100)

The main board consists of two pieces connected with a flexible substrate.

The front surface of the main board. In the center is a microprocessor
featuring an ARM core.