iPhone Bubble Wrap Case for everlasting popping

Bubble wrap craze is something not only children suffer from. I’ve known many men grown and women wrinkled who would invest their leisure time in popping one bubble at a time. And when it comes to Japan, there’s no denying how seriously they take this addiction. However, sooner or later they run out and life becomes a dull bore again. But now, we have an iPhone Bubble Wrap Case that substitutes all those temporal pleasures for everlasting bubble that seem to pop but quickly inflate to be popped again. This dream come true for procrastinators and deep thinkers not only offers a means to pass your time but also protects your iPhone from falls and bumps. The bubbles are present on the underside of the casing and is sure to be tangible delight as well.

The iPhone Bubble Wrap Case retails for around $21 in Japan. The case is available at Strapya.