iRobot, InTouch Health unveil first autonomous RP-VITA telepresence robot

Latest robotic introduction to the hospitals is the RP-VITA (Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant), which is a result of a joint development between InTouch Health and iRobot. To be unveiled at the InTouch Health 7th Annual Clinical Innovations Forum from July 26 – 28 in Santa Barbara, the RP-VITA is first remote controlled telepresence robot that combines latest in telemedicine technology from InTouch Health and the latest in autonomous navigation and mobility by iRobot – developed for its AVA robot last year. The RP-VITA offers healthcare professionals a new level of mobility and utility with ease of use by providing them the ability to take command of any clinical patient remotely. RP-VITA can be integrated with live patient data to access medical records as it can be connected with diagnostic devices such as otoscopes, ultrasound and is equipped with electronic stethoscopes.

As learnt, the RP-VITA incorporates autonomous navigation courtesy modern day mapping and obstacle detection and avoidance technology and relies on an iPad user interface to enable quick and easy navigation to anywhere where the RP-VITA needs to go to interact with patients, their family members and healthcare professionals. The RP-VITA autonomous professional awaits FDA clearance before it can get out there to assist you.