iStabilizer Dolly universal mount adds steadiness to photos and videos clicked from any phone

It’s really handy to capture the best moments of your life with you phone’s camera, be it a video or a still your phone’s camera is up there for both. But you shaking hands and unprofessionalism can at times make those videos really painful for the eyes. Enter iStabilizer Dolly universal mount and gone are the days of bad video-graphy. Sans any kind of additional photo editing skills or mobile apps, mount the phone on the iStabilizer Dolly and wheel it on any surface to capture the best panoramic pictures and videos like never before. Best part about Dolly is that its compatible with any phone or camera complete with its protective case.

Priced at about $59.95 the iStabilizer Dolly riding on four and with an 11-inch adjustable hand lets you phone reach angles not possible with hands. Gear up to amaze you friends with the steadiest videos and best possible images from weirdest possible angles.