Japan Airlines offers in-flight mobile battery chargers to First Class passengers

mobile-powerWe’ve got more news for you from Japan! Given the fact that just about everyone of us today hates watching the battery meter on our devices fall dreadfully love, leading to a premature temporary demise of our only means to communication, Japan Airlines has come up with a fantastic way to please its passengers. The airline is now offering in-flight mobile battery rentals to its First Class passengers, enabling travelers to plug-in their devices while up in the sky and juice them up! Currently, the airline doesn’t sport seats with power outputs, which would indeed be a simpler way to help people charge mobile devices on the go. So, instead of spending heftily on seat modifications, JAL used this innovative and practical way to offer its battery-juicing services!

The mobile battery which will be up for rent in JAL flights is a JTT (Japan Trust Technology) MobilePower MP-16000 device with a high-power 5V/2.1A output. This enables passengers to juice up their laptops too and not just their smartphones and tablets! To be honest, we think the initiative is pretty well thought-of, though we don’t see why passengers in the economy class aren’t provided this benefit yet. After all, most of us have power hungry smartphones that require constant feeding, regardless of what part of a plane we travel in!