Japan has come up with World’s first 8k SHV filmed short drama

If you are impressed by picture and sound quality HD TV brace yourself for some kickass UHD (Ultra High-Definition), NHK, the well known Japanese broadcaster, has come up with the world’s first UHD ( or known as SHV in Japan) filmed short drama. The short film named ‘Beauties A La Carte Restaurant of Many beauty drama’ has been directed by Toshio Lee, well known Japanese film director. The film has been specifically made for a screening at Cannes Film Festival to be held in France in May this year. The idea is to showcase the capability of Super High-Vision and attract the industry giants who’ll gather at the International film festival.

UHD or Super High-Vision has 8k pixel density that is 16 times more than usual HD TV and has 22.2 Ch sound. R&D lab of NHK and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan earlier reached an agreement with the goals to introduce 8K Super Hi-Vision broadcasting by 2020 in Japan.

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