Japan to usher in fingerprint payments for 2020 games

Being a host country for the 2020 Summer Olympics is going to get Japan to create some things the world hasn’t observed. The Japanese are so perfect in all they do that we wouldn’t miss these exciting new technologies. For starts, the country is facilitating tourists with a unique fingerprint payment system, which will require the latter to register their credit cards and fingerprints on arrival. Over 300 shops, restaurants and hotels will accept this means of payment, thus canceling out the need for tourists to carry their passports with them and produce the same when demanded.

Other than just being a convenient payment mechanism, the fingerprint system also serves as a great security mechanism and an effective data collection mechanism. Japan will surely leverage the Olympics to increase the footfall of tourists on its soil. The additional insights that the government can gather from this exercise includes customer journey mapping as well as spending patterns of patrons who would subscribe to this method of payment for its novelty, over its other attributes.

[ Via : Cntraveler ]