Japanese car manufacturers to collaborate on a standard operating system

When you use a vehicle numerous electronics control devices are used, including those controlling fuel injection, brakes, air bags, power steering and power windows. All these work on a basic platform or a basic software OS. To develop “an operating system for automotive electronics”, the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry jointly with 10 automakers have started an initiative called JasPar or Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture. Earlier Japanese companies have been developing their own operating systems separately; but now they will begin joint development of an OS, aiming to create a global standard in this field. The companies to join the ranks include Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Denso, and Toshiba. In the meantime BMW, DaimlerChrysler and other European automakers are already in the process of developing a next-generation OS and are expected to complete a prototype in 2008. The Japanese prototype OS will hopefully be completed in 2009 and be ready to market it in five to 10 years.
Engadget via yomirui