Japanese Toilet Checks Your Health as you Pee

One of my favorite things about living in Japan was the high-tech toilets. Heated seats to eliminate the cold-bottom shock factor and keep your touche toasty in the winter, spray jets to clean you up with minimum fuss, automatically-opening lids and the magical “otohime” (“princess of sound”) function that produces flushing noises for the more modest and looser bowelled. Going to the toilet was never so much fun. Now Toto have produced a toilet that also checks your health. Designed for Daiwa House with the elderly in mind, “Intelligence Toilet” analyses your urine, measures your blood pressure, body temperature and weight. There’s a gadget inside the bowl to test sugar levels in your urine, and an armband to monitor your blood pressure while you pee. An inbuilt floor scale checks to see how much weight you shed as you sit on the pot. Readouts are displayed on a wall-mounted computer screen, and all data is automatically sent to your laptop, so you can email it to your doctor, too.

Toto’s “Intelligence Toilet” can store the data of up to five different users. It retails for USD 4,100 to USD 5,850 (350,000 to 500,000 yen) and, like the best technology, is currently only available in Japan.