Jet-fuel powered Nissan Patrol SUV impounded by Dubai Police

Motor-heads have been known to rip the insides of their cars and replace it all with better performance kits in an attempt to push their rides further. Well, we’ve heard of ECU modifications, intake additions, forced induction and similar modifications being made to engines before. What grabbed our attention lately however, was a heavily modified Nissan Patrol SUV in Dubai impounded by the authorities for illegal street racing. Running on jet fuel and packing an extra pair of cylinders, the total modifications done on this one topped $57,200! Reportedly touching speeds of up to 350 km/h, a difficult-to-believe performance claim for an otherwise bulky SUV, this Nissan Patrol was also involved in a police chase following its impoundment and could very well be crowned as one of the most extreme engine modifications used to zip around city streets.