JVC’s HP-W80 the lightest wireless Headphones

The wireless head phone “HP-W80” from JVC uses analog infrared ray transmission and consists of head phone and the transmitter section. The head phone section weighs 105gms (including the battery) it the lightest wireless headset available in the market. The open air type headphone unit with 30mm diameter uses high magnetic force neodymium magnet and CCAW voice coil adoption for quality playback. The playback frequency is in between 20Hz – 24 kHz and the headphone range is 7 meters. When the headphone is out of range the “automatic muting function” Cuts of the noise. The headphone is charged via the transmitter. Also you can use a single A4 size alkaline cell. It takes roughly 24 hours for a full charge which lasts for approximately 30 hours. The A4 Alkaline cell can be used up to 50 hours. The transmitter weighs approximately 150 grams. The HP-W80 will be available from November 1st for 5,000 Yen ($ 45)