Ka-56 “Wasp” this wasp can get 007 out of a swamp

James Bond’s research engineers seem to have not been able to get bond out of a ditch. What they don’t know is that the Russians have a better idea this time. In 1971 Communist government of Soviet Russia has order a development of the smallest passenger helicopter in the world that could carry one person and can be folded in the tube that can be carried also by one person. They had plans to use it on the benefit of Soviet Army and Russian intelligent service. Exactly how this is portable one fails to imagine it loos to me it needs more helpers after its put into the tube.

Here we can see what they got as a result of this order. It was a Ka-56 “Wasp” helicopter, fully functional and could be used and between uses carried by one man. Seems the soviats don’t need this anymore, are they really bankrupt or do they have better intelligence this time around. 007 calling 007.