Kindle gradually omitting books with incest and overwhelming sexual fantasies

05.jpgLooking at how novels are written and spun in to being best-sellers, I don’t think that there may be too many left on the shelf the way Amazon is happily deleting titles. It seems that a few novels that involve content revolving around sex, seem to have stirred up a controversy since they do not comply with the content guidelines of the Kindle. Among the authors who faced the morality wrath of Kindle was Selena Kitt, who received a notification telling her about the inappropriate content in her book. “I want to be clear that while the subject of incest may not appeal to some, there is no underage contact in any of my work, and I make that either explicitly clear in all my stories or I state it up front in the book’s disclaimer,” she said, in a blog post. “I don’t condone or support actual incest, just as someone who writes mysteries about serial killers wouldn’t condone killing.”

This means that those in between novels may well face the rude shock of it being deleted from their readers. Well, and to think of the best novels having the most graphic content, there’s no telling of the ramification of these measures.