Kingston’s new HyperX H20 DDR3 RAM is water-cooled

Kingston-HyperX-H20 DDR3-RAM.jpg
Kingston have announced their new water-cooled DDR3 RAM sticks that will soon be housing themselves in PCs. Called the HyperX H20 water-cooled DDR3 line, these RAMs come in three renditions of two 4GB dual-channel kits with 2000MHz and 2133MHz frequencies, respectively; and a 6GB triple-channel kit running at 2000MHz. It seems that the water-cooling comes in handy for quiet operability. These RAMs are said to have been tempered at 10 to 12 degrees lesser than air-cooled versions. They will soon be making it into high-end gaming machines.

The company stated that the RAMs won’t cross 65 degrees. It also baptized the original HyperX DDR3 RAM modules to ‘Genesis’.