Konami Golf Connect is like the digital Golf trainer you never had

Konami has unveiled their latest digital golf simulator called as Golf Connection which will let you play golf in the comfort of your room. It comes equipped with a high speed camera and sensors that will measure the speed, angle and spin of the ball thus letting you replicate all these parameters accurately in the gamer. It will also tell you how well you hit the ball using it sensors and will note down the statistics. Using those, you can then reproduce those moves in real life and ace the sport.

It also gives you the option to register with e-AMUSEMENT PASS of a NFC-enabled phone and then you can play your game at a later date and even join online leader-boards and update your scores on social networking services. It features as much as 150 accurately reproduced courses, and in on-course training mode so you get to select which hole you want to play and also the location you would want to play from. It’s like the trainer you never had. It will hit stores this September for a TBA price.