Korean develop portable salt sensor

Salt_Sensor.jpg It wasn’t because they cared about the consumers’ health with all that salt intake, the Rural Development Administration in Korea has developed a portable sensor that measures the amount of salt in soup. Yeah, really. It is this temperature checking device and you can stuff it into your soup. And then eat. As sadly un-tempting as it may seem, this device, the size of a thermometer, displays the concentration of salt as a change in an electric current. It will take all of three seconds to tell you whether you can go ahead eating or throw the sensor at someone in rage for having to waste the soup and pay for a new one. The sensor can measure salt concentration within a margin of error of 0.1 percent in tests for different kinds of soups. It will be tested at hospitals providing low-salt diet for patients with high blood pressure and similar conditions from next month, and according to test results they will work to commercialize it within this year. Price will be around $20.14.