LaCie LaCinema Black Max media streamer for an all in one media experience

We last covered the external LaCie d2 BluRay burner for a media hoarder’s arsenal, now the company brings out a media streamer. The LaCinema Black Max looks utterly stunning and when it’s all hooked up to the other requisite pieces of kit it performs most impressively. Described to be the most versatile multimedia drive, in addition to audio, photo, and video management features, the Black MAX offers digital video recording and home networking technology. The wirelessly connected Black MAX can stream media to an HD television from a media server, a computer or NAS drive while the USB ports mean devices can be connected directly. It features the ability to decode 1080p movies, the device offers 1080i up scaling of standard definition movies and offers time shifting, allowing users to pause, rewind, or record programs claiming an easy-to-use interface to do so.

The LaCinema Black Max comes with a very Sony blue glowing light effect; the device is available in 500GB HDD space option for $533.