LaCinema Rugged – The media friendly external HDD

The LaCinema Rugged is a tough external HDD that packs a scratch-resistant aluminum shell, internal anti-shock absorbers, and a shock-resistant rubber bumper to keep your files safe from everyday accident. It protects your media as well as manages to upscale it via HDMI. Designed by Neil Poulton, LaCie promises 1080i up scaling of your digital media on your shiny new HD-ready TV. Adding new content is a simple USB drag and drop. The capacity of 250GB to 500GB should be enough for any digital geek or the globetrotting movie producer. These portable hard drives are designed for carrying around your movies, photos, and music and then connect directly to a high definition television via HDMI or composite video port. Once on the drive, the data can be viewed on any display, via an HDMI connection or legacy composite video connection.

Similar to previous LaCinema creations, the Rugged edition provides a centralized media library with graphic menus and an “easy-to-use remote” control. Compatible with both Mac and Windows environments, it costs $193 onwards and varies according to the sizes preferred.