Latest JVC Kenwood Soundbar will enhance home TV experience

JAV Kenwood has release a new Soundbar that can add some real zing to your ordinary television-viewing sessions. There are three models that have spawned forth of this, namely TH-LB1, TH-LB2 and TH-LB3. The latter two will provide iPod and iPhone touch cradles that will allow you to control your DAP audio library with JVC’s Bar Sound Remote. It will also provide support for SRS StudioSound HD. The TH-LB3 will provide ARC and 3D Audio One HDMI input and two HDMI outputs03.jpg

The prices for the three models are: TH-LB1 – 23,000 Yen ($303), TH-LB2 – 26,000 Yen ($343) and TH-LB3 – 36,000 Yen ($475).