Leaked images of HTC HD3 or HD7 Windows Phone 7 device emerge

HTC is gearing up to throw at us all the Windows Phone 7 devices they can when it comes time for the official launch of the system. Earlier in the week we saw more specs of the Mozart and now it’s the HD3 or HD7 that have sprung out in leaked image. I’m guessing it’ll be HD3, why would they just completely skip out on the HD4, 5 and 6 model numbers. Obviously this will be an upgrade to the HD2 which was a powerhouse of a phone.

It’s also quite likely that this is the HD3 since one of the images shows the handset with an HD3 marking, but sketches of this device showed up earlier apparently with HD3 marks. There’s no word on the specs yet but we’re also still trying to figure out the proper name. My money is on HD3.