LED dresses in Japan soon

We have reached a new century, and no doubt our clothing will carry on changing in fabric and altering in form. But to what extent…….only time can say. For now we know that crystal maker Swarovski has displayed a dress featuring LED lights in Japan. In collaboration with Cypriot-British designer Hussein Chalayan, a dress adorned with Swarovski crystals and LED has been created. It’s fixed with loads of little LEDs, over which they put this slightly see through white fabric to make it appear like it’s glowing, rather than you having loads of little dots where the LEDs are.

By this year end, you will be able to see girls in Japan sporting this glowing fashion.
Via – Gizmodiva

One response to “LED dresses in Japan soon”

  1. We need this like a hole in the head…
    Don’t people know there is a global energy crisis going on? No wonder we’re heating up the planet!