Legendary and aged arcade gaming, now brought to your doorstep for 75 bucks a month!

Longing for your regular dose of nostalgia-packed arcade gaming? You now don’t need to look for a gaming arcade in your neighborhood, particularly if your neighborhood is located somewhere in California. Brothers Seth and Timothy Peterson together came up with a brilliant business idea that literally enables California residents to rent an arcade game and have it brought home for as low as $75 a month! The business, christened All You Can Arcade, opened up in San Francisco a month ago.

The Peterson brothers have been acquiring and fixing arcade cabinets priced at anywhere between $150 and $200 and have been at it since quite a few years. Some of these cabinets are nearly 30 years old and are an assured dash of sheer nostalgia. For $75, the Peterson brothers will send home an arcade game cabinet of your choice, enabling you to play to your heart’s content for a whole month, without running out of quarters! Currently, All You Can Arcade also has legendary games like the 1991 The Simpsons game, the Bad Dudes game from 1988 and lots more!

[Via – Kotaku]