Lenovo spoils for choice with Intel/AMD options with IdeaPad G-Series

04.jpgLenovo have brought into the picture the option of the ultimate choice. And we’re not talking about ‘i3’ and ‘i5’ now. We’re talking about an Intel/AMD option, made available with their IdeaPad G-Series offering. There are a total of five models to choose from. These models are all between the 14-inch and 17-inch size range. They are the G770, G570, G470, G575 and 4575. So you have a choice of an Intel Core i7 or AMD Brazos Fusion, DDR3 RAM options up to 8GB, storage options up to 750GB, DVDRW/Blu-ray drive options, and more.

The specsheet of each laptop is built to startle you. So you can go ahead and pick you customized Sub-like IdeaPad without cribbing of ‘that-feature-should-have-not-been-there’.