LeoTab Tablet is for mediaholics gets reviewed

Let’s face it. One of the biggest uses of tablets, even by uptight geeks who pledge nothing but taking over the world with their nerdy theories, is to exploit media at its fullest. That’s just what can be managed by media tablets like the LeoTab. Released a couple of weeks back, this 8-inch tablet quite comfortably shows off 800×600 pictures. It’s more of a budget option as against the more elaborate counterparts, which are lurking every shop. It packs some basic but vital functions that you would like to see in a tablet of this kind. These include an efficient video and music player, Android 2.2 Froyo, 16GB storage, Wi-Fi support, efficient emailing, streaming of media from networks as well as the Internet and good eBook support as well.04.jpg

All this makes it good for a $100 price tag. It’s plain and gets all jobs done without hogging up your greens.