LG’s 111-inch double-sided 4K OLED TV is every videophiles eyegasm

LG’s 111-inch double-sided 4K OLED TV 1
As if an 111-inch 4K OLED TV wouldn’t be amazing enough, LG have introduced one that is double-sided as well! LG combined three 65-inch panels to make this a possibility. The most amazing part is the fact that this hasn’t affected the thickness of the screen at all. Back-to-back LCDs could be a fantasy setup for a number of applications. That with the phenomenal 4K resolution that LG offers makes for a perfect visual treat. We would like to see this as a starting point for competing brands to explore the idea of a display that can do so much while cutting costs of investing in a secondary screen.

The display is shown off at IFA Berlin this week. The company also presented a 55-inch double-sided TV with a thickness of just 5.3 mm. There’s no doubt that a setup like this is not in production yet. Even if this would make it to the supply chain, it could cost us quite a fortune.

[Via : Geek]