Looxcie Looks Like an Earpiece, Doubles up as a Camcorder

Hot on the heels of the news that Youtube is exploring the possibility of live streaming, comes the launch of a wearable camcorder, by Artiman Ventures. Looxcie is a mini camcorder that look-sie like-sie an audio earpiece. It fits over your ear, allowing you to video short clips and immediately share and post them on web and social networking sites, via an inbuilt mobile application. It is simple. To capture the moment, all you need to do is click the instant clip button and record clips of up to thirty seconds. With Looxcie, there should never be a missed opportunity to capture a candid moment, or possibility of humiliating your friends and loved ones. Looxcie also functions as a Bluetooth headset, and allows you to answer calls even while you record, although I don’t know how this will affect the video recording.

Looxcie will be available to buy from Amazon.com from next Wednesday, for $199.