Lumi Flasher adds flashing lights to your iPod

Trinity corp Japan is out with the Lumi Flasher which will surely please kids. The device has 4 red Led’s and 1 white LED it plugs into the iPod dock connector and the lights start flashing. There are six different light patterns from random to sequence to flashing based on the music. Also present is a flashlight mode for finding lost objects, however the Lumi Flasher does not have batteries thus draws power from the iPod. The company claims that the lights are visible from a distance of 500 meters

The Lumi Flasher measures 42×13×39mm and is available in Japan for 2580 Yen ($ 21).

One response to “Lumi Flasher adds flashing lights to your iPod”

  1. Lumi Flasher: “I HAVE AN iPOD!”

    Look at me! I have an iPod! Look at me! Steal my iPod! Look at me! These things hold music?? For some, those white earbuds just don’t scream for enough attention. The Lumi Flasher by Tinity Corp uses 5 LEDs…