Marks & Spencer iPod suit for men who cannot do without music

Hey folks, if a guy in the boardroom meeting suddenly breaks in to a gig, don’t dub him as a freak. Probably he is wearing a Marks & Spencer iPod suit and got carried away listening to some rocking numbers! Marks & Spencer iPod suit has a ‘smart-fabric’ control pad for the MP3 player sewn into the left lapel, allowing the wearer to adjust the level of sound and to skip through tracks. The pad is attached to a cable that runs beneath the lining and plugs into the iPod, which of course has its own pocket. Moreover the lapels even have loops to hold the earphone wires, eliminating the usual cats’ cradle of connections.

This classic suit in wool with added Lycra and electronic wizardry will relieve your wallets of £149 ($300) only (costs £90 for the jacket and £59 for the trousers). Dry-cleaning bills extra!
Via – Luxurylaunches