MIT students invent wallets to help you save money but not opening if you don’t have money

Proverbial Wallets from John Kestner on Vimeo.

If money and you are just not tight and by that I mean you’ve got a bad case of unnecessary wallet removal, then these crazy new wallets designed by MIT students are just what you need. They’re called the Proverbial Wallets and are available in three types – 1) The Bumblebee – vibrates every time you swipe your credit card to keep you in check 2) The Mother Bear – a wallet that doesn’t open if you’ve hit your monthly budget and 3) The Peacock – grows or shrinks based on how much money you have in your account. These smart wallets are perfect for the overly frequent shopaholics and their spouses who wait impatiently for a nerve wrecking bank account statement of worse still, the credit card bill. It’s a superb notion to keep your spending in check.