Mobile Phone Telescope – Adds life to your phone’s camera

I still remember the days when Nokia came out with the 7650 which was the first camera phone and the simple VGA res camera was labelled terrific and now the upcoming Nokia N95 has a 5 Megapixel camera and a secondary VGA camera. But even with such advancements the only thing stagnant is the zoom feature even the latest phones come with digital zoom and not optical zoom for which you still carry your trusty digital camera. Putting an end to this misery is the Mobile Phone Telescope an add on lens which snaps to your camera back. It offers 6X zoom which is great for shooting landscapes and distant objects. Though it still offers manual focus taking a snap with the telescope lens on is very simple.

The Mobile Phone Telescope is available as an attachment for select Sony Ericsson phones and the Nokia N70. Both the Sony Ericsson and Nokia edition sell for $ 19.

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