Momozono Robot Ramen makes noodles in two minutes

Ramen_robot.jpg There’s a cool robot, somewhere in Yamanashi, that’s got one hellava task – making noodles! The robot was created by Yoshihira Uchida, 60, who owns the eatery. The robot is capable of satisfying the needs of customers and putting up with their whims and fancies as far as the ingredients in the soup are concerned. The maker says that it can conjure 40 million recipes that have varying quantities of individual ingredients like the amount of soy sauce, salt and other factors. The noodles are cooked by a cook and are then mixed with the superior soup that’s prepared by the robot. I wonder if Kung-Fu Panda could get away from his kitchen duties more easily with this one around. The whole process is said to take a mere 2 minutes!

The work on Momozono Robot Ramen began sometime in 2003. It cost Uchida a good 20 million yen ($210,000). Each bowl of ramen noodles costs 500 yen, that’s just over $5.