Monster SuperStar Backfloat Bluetooth speaker is set to hit your swimming pools

It’s really cumbersome to shuffle music when you’re in your aquatic reverie, doing that peaceful backfloat, blocking out the terrestrial sounds. Which is why you could employ something close at hand to produce music meant only for your ears, the kind you wouldn’t mind listening to, both under the surface and above. Meet the Monster SuperStar Backfloat Bluetooth speaker that comes in as a welcome accessory to tame your poolside adventures. It is also available with the Backfloat goodness and labeled as simply SuperStar. Available in silver, neon blue, neon green and neon pink, the 14 x 2.5 x 7.5 cm SuperStar Backfloat weighs just 287 grams. It offers splash-proofing, an in-built microphone with noise-cancelling and full range drivers.

The Monster SuperStar will cost about 18,280 Yen ($149) while the Monster SuperStar Backflot will set you back 21,080 Yen ($172). You can be rest assured that the speaker will keep you entertained for seven hours until the charge runs out. We’re betting that your skin would have already wrinkled to ripples by then.

[Via – Av Watch Impress Co.]