Most modern users of dating apps prefer to save money, communicate in chat roulette and are ready for long-distance relationships

In 2022, The Guardian published an article entitled “How online dating has changed the way we fall in love.” Among other things, it presented the opinion of the sociologist Marie Bergström, who shared her thoughts on this matter.

According to Marie Bergström, there was a popular idea that love is always something spontaneous;something that does not directly depend on the person. This idea was strongly cultivated by Hollywood romantic films and romance novels, in which the characters meet each other by chance under unexpected circumstances, fall in love, go through all the difficulties together, and finally find their happiness.

Today, such a “scheme” simply does not work. If a person wants to find love, they must be active and proactive, not afraid to take the first step. Sitting back and waiting for love to “fall from the sky” is definitely not worth it. There is practically no chance for this.

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Top 5 factors that are changing the idea of dating in the 21st century

The readiness of a modern person to actively search for a soul mate is a correct and extremely important trend of our time. However, it is far from the only one. We can name at least five others that are worth mentioning.

1.Online dating is getting more private
Recently, dating through mutual friends, colleagues, or acquaintances seemed to be the most promising. A significant part of the relationship happens, precisely, thanks to such acquaintances.
However, more specialists in relationships and human psychology believe that this is far from the best option to meet your love. After all, being in a circle of acquaintances, you somehow play the role assigned to you. In the family circle, you try to be more diligent. Among friends, you strive to remain the soul of the company (the people’s person), and so on. Thus, a new acquaintance does not see the real side of you.
The best option for dating is to stay away from prying eyes. This is a separate component of your life, which should not be affected by any external factor. Certainly, we are not saying that you should completely stop trying to know someone through friends and relatives. Try not to keep your hopes too high in the process.

2.People are becoming more open, they are more likely to communicate via video
It seemed that quite recently, we could not even think that we would be able to communicate with people from other countries and continents via video using a smartphone. Today, it has become the norm. Moreover, more people prefer this particular form of communication instead of texting and audio calls.
Video calling saves a lot of time, and allows you to see the interlocutor, hear his voice, and practically feel they are next to you. Today, it is not surprising that at the peak of popularity are video chat roulettes, sites, and apps that connect random users via video.

Among the most popular platforms, we can name the following:

  • Bigo Live is not exactly a chat roulette, but more of a video streaming service. The main topic of the streams here is video games. If you are interested in this topic, looking for like-minded people, and love the streaming format, Bigo Live is for you.
  • CooMeet is a modern video chat roulette with an error-free gender filter and verified female profiles. This is an ideal choice for single men. In addition to the web version, chatroulette CooMeet has apps for iOS and Android, as well as a built-in message translator.
  • Chatroulette is the first chatroulette in history to offer users the opportunity to chat via video. However, for a long time, the Chatroulette website suffered from poor-quality moderation, which eventually scared a significant part of the audience away. Currently, the situation has improved significantly.
  • PalTalk is a video chat roulette in which you can chat face-to-face with random users and in communities. Also, you can add users to your friends list, so you don’t lose them.
  • Meowchat is a chat roulette app for iOS and Android that works in more than 130 countries around the world. The app also has a built-in message translator and you can give virtual gifts.

This is not the whole list of popular chat roulettes that you should concentrate on. However, we advise you to start acquainting with these formats. You’ll like it!

3.Contemporaries are ready for a long-distance relationship
In the past, people used to be more attached to one place. They grew up, studied, worked, and started families mainly in their native towns. Only a few moved and began their life in a new place. Therefore, in the past, long-distance relationships “fizzled out” very quickly. Just a couple of months without a loved one, and the relationship is on the verge of breaking.

Today, we are all much more loyal to love at a distance and are ready to put up with all the inconveniences it brings. As a result, such relationships live much longer. Also, the time between online dating and the first real meeting can be months or even years. Therefore, in general, everyone is satisfied with it. People are ready to wait if they see a perspective, and this is the main thing!

4.Most tend to spend money wisely, including on dates
There were times when men on the first date were so eager to impress girls by inviting them exclusively to the most expensive restaurants and spending fabulous sums just to present themselves spectacularly.
Today, it is a thing of the past. We are all becoming more rational about money. Also, thoughtless waste is becoming less and less common. In general, first dates often take place online and in fact do not require any investment on your part.

5.The rush in online dating is a thing of the past
At the beginning of the 2000s, when online dating was just gaining momentum, many users sought to transfer communication from online to offline as soon as possible. However, such haste in most cases eventually had negative consequences.

If you haven’t known the person yet, you don’t need to try to set up an offline date as soon as possible. Continue to communicate on the web until you feel that you are fully ready for a meeting in real life, then proceed to discuss it.

To sum up: what will happen next with online dating
It’s really hard to predict anything. Trends are changing rapidly, new technologies and dating algorithms are emerging, and users’ interest in this format either subsides or wakes up again.

Marie Bergströmsays this about the future of online dating: “Now we are in a situation where so many people meet their future partners on the Web. I think it will become the norm very soon. Also, dating through mutual friends or, for example, at a party will seem more inappropriate. After all, there are special platforms for this, where it is easier and more comfortable to get acquainted.”

It is difficult to disagree with this assumption. Every year, the number of users of dating services only increases as well as the number of marriages that took place, thanks to online dating. Let’s keep an eye on the trends!