MSI WindPad 100A Honeycomb tablet expected soon

03.jpgMSI are giving the WindPad another shot and this time, their offering, the 100A tablet, will be driving Honeycomb into the heart of it all. Not being a non-sense, frail attempt is underlined by the fact that the tablet will arrive with features to match the possible tall claims. Besides the novelty of Honeycomb, it will also add a powerful dual-core Nvidia Tegra processor, a 10.1-inch display screen, Wi-Fi and 8 hours of usage after a full charge. So, is Android threatening the Apple market in tablets too? We all almost agreed that the Motorola Xoom is good enough to kill the iPad but here comes a cheaper alternative.

Unlike the high-priced Motorola Xoom, the MSI 100A will cost just $399. That’s like half the price and just about all the goodness. June 1 is the date of arrival.