Needy not the greedy gets the Brando USB Can Cooler And Warmer

How many times has it happened to you that you’ve got yourself a drink and sat down to work; just then someone calls you and you’ve got to abandon the drink for a while. Predictably, if it was a coffee, it’s gone cold or if it was a soda, it’s gone warm. Sounds familiar? We know how it feels, so we are giving away the Brando USB Can Cooler And Warmer to someone who really needs it. Leave us a comment as to why this Brando product should be yours. Sincere comments are welcome, and the whacky ones are appreciated!
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The USB Can Cooler And Warmer features are:
– Cool or warm your beverage
– Keep your beverage cool or warm
– Easy and practical to be used home or in office
– Cool down 18-20 degree ambient temperature
– Heat up +65 degree by set point thermostat
– USB powered, apply to all PC and laptop
– Plug and Play
– Switch button for chill or warm
– Built-in fan
– External power source is NOT required
– Dimension: 14x11x13cm
– Weight: 460g

24 responses to “Needy not the greedy gets the Brando USB Can Cooler And Warmer”

  1. It should be really mine, because I nearly drain here in this hot summer! There is nomore working or gaming possible at my computer, without a cool drink! save me and give it to me, pleas!! 😉 thank you! Daniel

  2. My desk gets littered with half-empty (half-full??) soda cans; on a daily basis. I spend the last 5min of each day emptying the slew wasted beverages before me into the ever-so slow draining water fountain across the hall. I am constantly being pulled from one office to another to help co-workers and when I return I’m usually forced to re-up my 7-up… This thing would be perfect!

  3. I share an office with the perpetually cold officemate. The cooler is never on, and the heat in western colorado is stifling, over 95 degrees every day. It would be nice to keep my cans cool, so that it can can help me keep from sweltering.

  4. Cold drink by computer first thing in the morning without making a trip to the refrigerator; can drink slowly without having to have a warm beverage.

  5. ok, so the weathers not a great reason to have one of these in the UK. Just imagine a life without cold drinks though, it sounds almost unliveable! Now being in the loft room means I am the furthest from the fridge and in a family of 6, there’s never any cans left in it. This would be great to regain the refreshingly cool taste from one of the lukewarm drinks I have to hide under my bed 🙂

  6. I am a teacher in an urban area. Someone is always calling me away from my delicious hot coffee. I need this to keep my coffee hot or else I am tired and cranky for the rest of the day. Each day, I teacher 150 students. So that means the Brando would have a positive influence on 150 middle school students day!
    Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  7. I’d love it so that aside from cooling my cans during the day, I could sneakily warm up my annoying coworkers while he’s away from his desk!

  8. I work at an office in front of a computer and taking phone calls all day. I cant get up to often to get a cold beverage and usually it warms up in a matter of minutes. this would be greatly appreciated. plus, I am a loyal fan of I rss the site and I visit it everyday. so please send me over a usb cooler.

  9. I’m constantly tossing half-empty soda cans because they get to hot too fast. I’d love a cooler, course on that level I’m always having to head back to the microwave to re-heat my hot tea. Ikkk. I can’t keep wasting cans of soda!

  10. My only respite from my wife and 2 teenage daughters is my office. Unfortunately, my office is 20 degrees warmer in summer and 20 degrees colder in winter than the rest of the place. My beverages are *always* the wrong temperature, and I dare not leave the office. If you knew what it was like to live with 3 women (even my dog was neutered!!), you wouldn’t need to read the rest of the posts….

  11. I’ll have to agree with the guy who said he needed a mini USB fridge to show off to his friends. And they thought USB sushi was cool..

  12. With a toddler around, I don’t remember when I last had hot coffee. Count me in. I could really use this!

  13. What i hate is the wet ring my soda can leaves for me to clean up every time I let it sit there in front of my case fan. Love dragging my mouse across that! :/

  14. I need all things USB! This is the coolest yet. Or warmest yet? I guess it all matters on the context. LOL
    I hope I win!

  15. i can never have more than 1/3 of a coke, as they get to hot after 10 mins, would be great to appreciate the full taste of an always cold coke