New Anti Piracy law kills Swedish Internet appetite

ISP Traffic.JPG
The internet tracking firm reported traffic fell from an average of 120 gigabits per second to 80 gbps on Wednesday. Sweden has become a battleground between online consumers of digital media and the entertainment industry over the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing. About eight per cent of the country’s population engages in peer-to-peer file sharing, according to the government statistics agency. A legislation, which is based on the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED), has resulted in a 30% drop in day-to-day traffic. In the two days that the law — which was designed to give copyright holders and authorities more possibilities to act against illegal file-sharing — has been in use it seems to have scared off a lot of people. Both the Swedish anti-piracy office and the Swedish Pirate Party agree that the drop was caused by the law.

Regardless of the drop, in the last 24 hours almost 400,000 Swedes connected to the Pirate Bay tracker, with no decline.
Via [RoyalPingdom]