Next Generation BMW 5- and 7-series to get customizable LCD gauges

BMW is all set to offer fully customizable LCD gauges on its next generation 5 and 7-series models within the next two years. The new LCD gauges will display the standard dials for speed, revs, fuel and temp and will also be configurable to show additional navigational data depending on the driving mode. The driver can fully configure the LCD cluster in either Comfort or Sports mode to better suit his driving needs, example: by placing the tachometer front-and-center in Sports mode and providing gear shift lights.

This new approach from BMW does provide an innovative way of displaying a variety of information but may not sit well with all its buyers. The LCD gauge replaces the analog dials which for a car enthusiast are the defining features of the dashboard giving it an “expensive craftsmanship” look. Maybe BMW is going a bit too far with the whole “digital approach” and might want to rethink their strategy.