Nintendo and Universal bring Mario and Friends theme park to life!

Nintendo_themeparkUniversal Studios is great at taking thematics from movies and series and scaling their presence up. With their all new Nintendo venture, the possibilities of taking all those little pixelated pleasures of our youth to full scale is palatable! This means that you could partner with the master plumber and even have a chance to explore the grand Mushroom Kingdom in all its glory. The companies have not announced what specific attractions we can look forward to but Nintendo did mention that Universal Studios is out to create a spectacular experience based on some of its most popular games. The best part of a Nintendoland is the magnetism it can create for kids as well as adults.

It wouldn’t be surprised to see an attraction themed around the Legend of Zelda either. This is a huge step for the gaming giants who have already caught our attention with the launch of their Amiibos figurine collectibles.