Nintendo DS going 3D without need for glasses, I love it!

More on the Nintendo front says that the game console maker and proprietor of the famous DS handheld gaming system has just unveiled plans for the next gen DS device. That’s not really news of course as new devices are being announced all the time but this one’s seriously going to kill the others on the market, I mean we’re talking Kratos styled sword in the Colossus’ eye kind of carnage. Apparently the next gen DS device will be 3D ready and if you’re worried about looking like a Geek walking around with those glasses, don’t be, this version will need no such glasses. The device that’s been dubbed the 3DS will hit Japan (but of course) first. The plan is for it to be out sometime in March of 2011. Hopefully we’ll get a little more information at E3 this year which is just a couple of months away.