Nissan 2014 GT-R Track Edition limited edition to cost from $115,710

The stunning Nissan 2014 GT-R has finally gotten its pricing structure in place. As compared to the other models in the series, the Track Edition has been tagged as the most exclusive of the lot. There will be just 150 models of this on sale in the US market. It will arrive with Bilstein DampTronic shocks and revised spring rates. In addition to this, prospective owners can look forward to a carbon fiber rear spoiler, six-spoke black wheels, blue-trimmed, high-grip front seats inside and a lighter build, thanks to the missing rear seats (only in this model). Nissan also introduced the pricing details of the other two monsters. These are the GT-R Premium and the GT-R Black Edition. Though, it is likely and not surprising that teh Track Edition will be top of the line when it comes to these, given that it’s so sporty and ever so limited. Prices after the jump.


The Nissan 2014 GT-R Track Edition will set you back $99,590, while the Black Edition will cost $109,300. The exclusive Track Edition will come for $115,710. This does not include the handling and destination price for all models.