Nokia 1209

nokia-1209.jpgThe Nokia 1209 is a true budget phone and has a sole purpose of just making calls. Unlike the Nokia 2600 it has no extra frills like Bluetooth, Camera, 3G, FM radio etc. Interestingly the phone has a color screen and is made from robust materials to handle the wear and tear of rough use. It has a flash light and a really interesting feature called ‘Phone sharing’.
“Phone sharing is a logical trend – more and more families are purchasing a mobile phone for the entire family to use, not just the head of the household. In addition, digital cameras are quickly becoming more popular in these markets, and as such taking and sharing digital images is becoming more common. In response, Nokia has developed a number of innovative features like the multiple phonebook to support phone sharing, and we have added technologies like Bluetooth to some models to make transferring images and ringtones easy and affordable.”
The dual band phone will support EGSM 900 / 1900 frequencies and will be available by the second quarter of 2008 for 35 Euros ($ 50).
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